Welcome to Eye of the Taiga!

Here we lift the lids from jewellery boxes across Russia, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe, putting an array of fresh, unique and chic creations at your fingertips. 

By providing a platform for talented designers to showcase their work in the UK, Eye of the Taiga gives you access to the very best contemporary jewellery, carefully chosen from countries with some of the richest gemstone heritages in the world. We only work with small, independent jewellery designers, so none of our items are mass produced and many can be ordered to specific requirements.  


Please note that for the reasons above we only stock a limited number of each item. Our ethos is one of discovery and individuality, so we are constantly updating our collections to bring you our latest findings and new creations from our wonderful designers. Don't panic if your favourite necklace is out of stock though - just get in touch through our contact form below and we will do our best to order it in for you! 


Eye of the Taiga also specialises in sourcing gemstones - it's founder, Georgina, is the only gemologist to have acquired both a GIA Diamond Diploma in London and to have qualified as a certified expert in precious stones with a coloured gemstones diploma from Moscow State University's world-renowned Gemological Centre. Whether you're looking for a natural Columbian emerald or a pink sapphire from Madagascar, Georgina can help you unearth your treasure...


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The power and enchantment of the taiga lie not in titanic trees or the silence of the graveyard, but in the fact that only birds of passage know where it ends." (Anton Chekhov)