Sterling silver earrings featuring natural Australian opals and swiss blue topaz.


Widely known as "The Queen of Gemstones", opal has long been considered a symbol of hope and good fortune. The Aborigines tell of opal's origins in their Dreamtime stories - we have shared one such story below:


"A long time ago in the Dreamtime, one of the most beautiful of all creatures was Pallah-Pallah the butterfly, with her beautiful dazzling multi-coloured wings. She lived happily with her family near the reeds of the Corcoran Lake.


When she flew up high everyone looked at her beautiful coloured wings and said “she looks like a rainbow”. Pallah-Pallah flew higher and higher, and she could see the mountains covered in white. 


As she reached the high mountains snow began to fall. Snow beat down on the frail and weak Pallah-Pallah. She fell to the ground and the snow covered her. She didn’t die, but lay quiet and went to sleep while the snow fell and buried her.She lay under the snow until spring came. As the snow melted away so did Pallah-Pallah’ beautiful colours. The colours just disappeared, melting into the snow. As the snows melted down the mountains and across the plains the colours ran with them to disappear into the ground near the lakes and ridges. 


The beautiful colours that disappeared from Pallah-Pallah’s wings went into the ground at the Morillah* – stone ridges and lakes formed the colours of the rainbow on the dazzling opal stones. That is how the opal came to be."

Pallah-Pallah Opal Earrings